Acupuncture has been used in the Far East for thousands of years, being widely introduced in the West within the last 40 years. Acupuncture is fast gaining popularity due to evidence based research and the positive results experienced by patients.

How and why acupuncture works is a topic of great interest for acupuncture researchers. More recent studies into acupuncture mechanisms focus on the brain and nervous system, involving both how the body responds to pain and the delicate balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and the multitude of functions they regulate. It is also thought acupuncture stimulus may signal through the connective tissue and fascia, relaxing the tissues, giving an analgesic effect, reducing the inflammatory response and increasing synthesis of collagen.

A traditional acupuncture treatment involves a full medical consultation, in depth Classical Pulse & Tongue diagnosis and then the insertion of ultra fine, disposable needles into the body at specific points, to stimulate the body's own healing response and relieve symptoms. A physical examination may be necessary for musculoskeletal pain and injuries.

Your initial appointment will take approximately 90 minutes with subsequent treatments taking 60 minutes.

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