Who has Facial Enhancement Acupuncture? And why?

The Chinese have an expression that is commonly used:

“…Up to the age of 30 you have your mothers face,

in your 30's you have the face that you make,

and from 50 onwards, you have the face you deserve.”

Imagine all those moments you may have spent stressed, worried, angry or frowning accumulating slowly and altering your youthful face. Lines appear, jawlines, eyes and muscles sag and environmental stress dulls your once fresh complexion. FEA is for anyone, male or female, who has reached a point in life where age and the daily grind are showing up on the face a bit too much, for anyone who takes a pride in their appearance and is concerned about the effects of the ageing process. 

Anti-ageing options range from the minimal to the extreme. You may already use make up and expensive skincare as part of your daily routine, however you may be unsure of the ingredients or the ethics of their manufacture. 

Cosmetic surgery is a huge commitment and expense and can often look quite harsh. You may have seen pictures of celebrities after procedures that have not worked, or look unnatural, and the idea of injecting a neurotoxin into your face may be unthinkable.

In contrast, FEA is a very gentle therapy where a course of treatment takes several weeks to administer, allowing the body time between sessions to build collagen and rejuvenate. There is no foreign substance injected, no trauma that takes time to heal and the change is both seen and felt. The treatment is entirely holistic and individual focusing on your personal areas for concern, whether they be complexion, sagging, puffiness or wrinkles.

Celebrities who have been seen to use Facial Acupuncture include: Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston, Madonna and Angelina Jolie.

Read an interview with me on Refinery29 about FEA and some testimonials from my patients. 

How does it work?

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture works in several ways. Firstly, facial points are used to activate specific muscles of the face and neck to lift, improve muscle tone and increase circulation of blood and lymph. Tiny needles are inserted into frown lines and wrinkles, causing a micro-trauma that stimulates the body to produce collagen to gently fill out the line. Finally, regular acupuncture points are used to promote general health and reduce stress to give that well rested, bright-eyed glow. The ultra fine needles are left in for approximately 20 minutes, and following treatment, a personalised blend of essential oils are applied with massage techniques, facial cupping and facial Gua-Sha to further boost circulation and make the complexion radiant. Finally arnica cream is used with a cooling Jade roller.

If you want to present the best possible version of yourself as you age gracefully, then FEA is for you. Jo Curle is the Facial Enhance UK Affiliate for Newcastle so you can be assured of the highest quality training and CPD. Any questions? Check our FEA specific FAQ’s, or feel free to Contact Me to chat about your facial concerns.